How to be Positive in Negative Economic Downturn?

As we all have experienced our economy has taken a downturn. It seems like there is no “quick” fix. Each day there is more bad economic news. All of these occurrences can make it easy to fall into a negativity.  Negative conversations are plentiful. But, let’s find out how to be positive in a negative atmosphere.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Perseverance
  2. Optimism
  3. Faith
  4. Determination


1.       Stop murmuring and complaining.

complaining can be very draining and immobilizing. People get tired of listening to negative conversation. They will even try to avoid those who are chronic complainers. Reject those who cause your problems to look even more insurmountable. Fight back with positive and optimistic faith that the situation will change and good will come out of a bad situation.

2.      Be proactive.

When disappointments and discouragements come like a flood, don’t give up. Regroup and explore new options. Press on because there is an answer and you will find it.

 3.      Speak positive words.

Don’t keep revisiting the negative events.
Be a motivator and an encourager. Assuredly, your situation will turn around and positive things will begin to happen.

4.        Appearance speaks volumes.

Keep a smile on your face and be a breath of fresh air for those who are depressed. Have a kind word to say and maintain a positive attitude because this will bring an atmosphere of hope and perseverance. 5.


5.  Be thankful for everything.

Spend time thinking about the things that you have to be grateful for. Don’t dwell on the “don’t haves” but dwell on the blessings. It will surprise you how blessed you truly are!


    • Tony
    • May 2nd, 2010

    I really like this one…A lot of this blog really applies to both of us..

    • The good thing is that we are forced to make changes and get out of our comfort zones.

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