I wanted to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to everyone!  Here is one experience I have had on Mother’s Day to touch your heart. 

I went to my Catholic Church around 20 years ago.  It came to the part when the Priest told everyone to turn around and tell the person next to you to wish them a happy Mothers day.   It could be a grandma, mother or woman.  Well, that is all good and great unless you have NO MOM.  So, I was not a mother yet and My Mom died when I was younger.  I was 5 she was 33.  So imagine me standing alone in the pew as all the women were wished a Happy Mothers Day and no one to do it to me and I to them. 

My message to you is that even if you are not a mother or have a mom, you are important too! 


Make your life complete

Offer assistance

Take nothing in return

Have “intuition


Remembers you in special ways

Special in many ways

  1. that’s very sad, I feel lucky that I have a mother who is always there whenever I need her support.

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