Have you ever got Pulled over by a Police Officer?

Have you ever got  pulled over by a police officer?  I have – once.  It was for supposedly not stopping at a stop sign.  It was bogus cuz

the Cop was a State Trooper and the Community had a problem with people blowing off the stop sign in the neighborhood…so I was the lucky one who did NOT blow it off but got a ticket.  The cop waited til I went through another light and around two blocks from the actual sign to turn on his siren.  So when He asked me “do you know why I pulled you over?”  I said, No!  What was I to do?  I had to take the ticket, In ILLINOIS.  So, in my experience not all cops are good, and he was meeting a quota!  Cops are great but they seem to never be around when you really need them.  For example, the person who makes an illegal U-turn,  or turns left from the right lane etc…name it what is your experience?

My lesson is to be humble and know that “their day is coming, cuz what goes around comes around.”

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