If something is not working in your life Change Your Approach

Today I went to http://www.selfgrowth.com to read some articles. I was having fun reading and making comments when I discovered this video that Tony Robbins had on the Home page.
Tony Robbins is a well know author and obviously a motivational speaker, whom I have followed and admired for years. I remember the movie, Shallow Hale when Tony Robins gives advice to Jack Black (Hal) and was able to change Jack’s perception of women. The art of suggestion is what I call it.
Well, on this video Tony talks about Sylvester Stallone and how basically he had nothing and broke. Sylvester is a personal friend of Tony Robbins by the way. The message was to “change your approach” if you do not get the results that you want. Even if you get a million and one No’s a day, keep going and change your approach until you do get the results that you do want.
What I learned is that Sylvester Stallone’s dog is in the movie and his name is Buttkiss I believe.
Not only did Sylvester write his movie “Rocky” and was the star in the movie there were many who did not believe in the script that he wrote for it, until one day he got a YES and he won an Oscar for it. This is a man who went from broke to “changing his approach to getting what he wanted.”

  1. Jac,

    I agree if we cannot see the result, change our approach. It always never too late than never.But many people do not want to change and stay comfort with it.

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