If your house was on fire NOW, what would you take with you?

Just like the saying goes that if you are in an air plane and it is having trouble and the oxygen masks jet down to you would you grab your oxygen mask and put it on you or the baby next to you FIRST? The answer is you would put the oxygen mask on you. WHY? Well, our instincts are to save the baby FIRST but if you do not put yours on FIRST how can you save the baby next to you? With that said this put into perfect place to “Put yourself and your needs FIRST, not others.” Why? It is not healthy for anyone otherwise.
In high school I went to a boarding school so I lived there. It was an all girl Catholic school. One day some girl decided it would be hilarious to set off the fire alarm in the MIDDLE of the night. Well, in high school, when you wake and are told in the “test run what to do and where to go in the case of a fire” you RUN out of the building into the Court yard. Well, we found out later it was a false alarm but 99% of all of us were in PJ’s and no shoes or socks! It was the dead of WINTER. What a lesson on what would you take with you if you house was on FIRE!
In reality it is not something we think of so I encourage you that think of the top 5 things you would be able to grad with you and RUN outside. OKAY, so in your life with that list…what is MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU? That means that ALL THE OTHER STUFF doesn’t mean anything. What an eye opener eh?!

  1. Reminds me of a funny anecdote. The French writer Cocteau was asked what he would save if the Louvre (the French museum) was on fire” He answered: “The fire.” Meaning I think, that life, real life, is more important than any painting. So I guess that’s my answer, too. If my house were on fire, I’d grab my wife and get out of there as fast as possible. Things can always be replaced.

  2. informative tips to keep house safe & sound

  3. Thanks for giving us such a good tips 🙂

  4. Nothing has value, except the value I give to it. If I asked, the answer I am sure would be save yourself. You are the value.

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