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The Passion Test Profile – Results JUNE 1, 2010
Here are the results of your Passion Test Profile. Read through the results carefully to see where you are aligned with your passions and where there is still room for growth.
Question 1:
I am excited about my life and turned on by the things I get to do each day.

Your Answer:
You’ve been denying your heart’s desires. You have probably had good reasons: you are supporting your family, or raising your children, or making the money you think you need to do what you love some day.
In the meantime, you’re pretty miserable. Life is a drudgery. Every once in a while there is a little ray of light, but for the most part, life sucks.
It’s time for that to change. You took this profile because you know that. Start taking the steps that will help you become more connected to the things that matter most to you.
Question 2:
Others comment on how happy I am and what fun it is to be around me.

Your Answer:
You’ve begun the journey toward a life of joy and fulfillment. Now it’s just a matter of consistency.
Take a look at your life. When do you do things because you think you’re supposed to do them? When do you believe you can’t do what you really care about because of this or that or the other thing?
The Passion Test will help you identify what it is that really matters to you, right now. The next step is to consciously choose in favor of those things when you are faced with choices in your life.
Following your passions requires commitment. That commitment is born of the knowledge that as long as you put off, or bury, or find reasons not to do what you love, or be with the people you love, you will never live a fulfilled life.
When you commit to joy, then you will experience joy.
Question 3:
I get upset and thrown off track when unexpected situations and circumstances arise.

Your Answer:
You love safety and security. You’ve done your best to organize your life so that you can depend on the people and things in it.
The problem is that you can’t control your life. Things are always changing. There is no dependable security on the outside.
You have a choice. You can look for the danger and challenges in every situation, or you can look for the gifts and opportunities. Whichever you look for, you will discover that.
One of the key principles of living a passionate life is “Staying Open.” Life will not appear the way you think it should. There is a bigger, grander plan for your life than you can even imagine.

Question 4:
I am very clear about the top five passions in my life, those things that matter most to me.

Your Answer:
Not at all
Odds are, you feel a victim of your life. You may enjoy parts of your life, but there are big parts you don’t enjoy at all. It’s likely that you don’t love your work, and you are stuck in a 9-5, TGIF world.
It’s not hard to change this situation. What’s required is greater clarity about what really matters to you.
“When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the extent you are clear.”
The whole purpose of The Passion Test process is to help you get a level of clarity that you have the power to create whatever you choose to have in your life. You will come to see what your top 5 passsions are and how to keep your life aligned with them.

Question 5:
I make decisions based on what will help me live my passions most fully.

Your Answer:
Life has not been easy for you. You have done your best to make others happy at the cost of the things you care most about.
You have felt bound and constricted by the commitments you’ve made and the expectations of others. You may even have thought sometimes that it was just too much to continue.
Now you are ready for that to change. That’s why you came to this website.
It is possible for your experience to change dramatically, and it doesn’t have to take a long time. It doesn’t require jumping off a cliff. You don’t have to quit your job or abandon your family to begin following your passions.
You just have to get clear about what it is that is really, truly important to you. That’s what The Passion Test is for.
You have the power to change your life. It just begins with the commitment to make choices that bring you closer to the things you love. It begins now.
Question 6:
I spend my days doing things I love, surrounded by people I love.

Your Answer:
The theme is the same. You have been denying yourself the life you deserve to live. The beliefs and concepts you acquired along the way have kept you disconnected from what’s most important to you.
It doesn’t have to be hard. It just requires your sincere intention for things to change in your life.
In the past you’ve gotten discouraged, even depressed, and then you withdraw from the world. That’s OK. That’s what you needed to get you to this point.
Now it’s time to get clear about what really matters to you and begin making choices that support you in giving your special gifts.
Whenever you have to make a choice, ask yourself, “Will this help me be more aligned or less aligned with my passions?” And if for any reason you can’t choose in favor of the things you wrote down, that’s the signal that something else is more important to you. Take The Passion Test again and clarify what it is that truly matters to you.
Question 7:
Life is confusing for me. I don’t have a clear sense of direction in my life.

Your Answer:
No sense of direction
You have been trying to do what you think you are “supposed” to do instead of what you love to do. You have many reasons why it’s not possible to do what you love.
As long as there is a tug of war between what you think you “should” do and what you love to do, you will feel divided. Confusion arises from a lack of clarity.
When you are not clear about what it is that really matters to you, then you get pulled first in one direction, then another. After some time, it’s hard to know what direction to go. Motivation drops, and life isn’t much fun.
Perhaps you look for ways to dull the pain. Whether through alcohol, food, drugs, or some other diversion, dulling the pain doesn’t solve the problem. Relationships become more difficult, your health suffers and what was already bad, gets worse.

The Passion Test process is a systematic way to go deep inside and clarify what it is that really matters to you. Having done this, you will be in a position to make choices that support you in following your passions.

“Jackie A Paulson”
“I thank God for my handicaps for, through them, I have found
myself, my work, and my God.”
– Helen Keller

“You find you get a great deal of love and interest from just
looking after the well-being of those Souls who are looking to you
for some of their spiritual food.”
– Harold Klemp

Dear Jackie,

You are one of a kind! You’re unique! Let’s face it, we all have
obstacles. That’s part of the physical life. When you’re able to
turn those obstacles into opportunities, you are doing so as Soul,
just having a human experience.

It’s your attitude that will determine whether you’ll overcome the


Be mindful of where you look and how you look at obstacles.



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