Do you have friends?

Here I am 2010“I am very sympathetic to others and sensitive with others because I am able to put myself in their shoes.”

Yes, it is nice to have friends. But what is a friend? When I was younger I was a loner and now that I am older I am a loner. When I was little I also thought that I had to buy friends and buy gifts for them. Now that I am older I realize how few and far between a real friend is.
“Short visits make life long friends.” Yes indeed they do. I use to be the person to go here and go there to meet with friends…then one day I just stopped doing it. What did I find out. I had two real friends, Samantha and Iris. What a wake up call for me.
In the past three years I have had to move in and out of places that I lived at. Until my last move it was just me and one other person. My last move, I am so grateful to my family for helping me. What a joy and relief that was. I can proudly say my best friends are my family.
I also am on the internet a lot and networking, not to sell anything but to learn from others. I have Cheril, Deb, and Bobbi to be ever grateful for my new-found friendships.
Real friends are hard to come by. You can count them on one hand.

    • Cheril
    • July 17th, 2010

    Thanks Jackie!!! Before I read this post, I was going to say…well, you are my friend.
    I see you as more than sympathetic, I perceive your power comes from empathy. Sympathy is a way we physically see someone else’s pain without being able to do anything about it. Being empathic is quite different, as it comes from the Spirit. When it is used properly, it will open up another world. If you are indeed empathic, ask for this center to be spiritually opened for you. Follow the clues as they occur to you. You will be guided along a path that will lead to your specific spiritual function.
    I am an empath. If I can help you in anyway, let me know.

    • Cheril, I believe I am both as I can feel others pain, and also “be in their shoes” with them through it all.

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    • Melody J Haislip
    • July 21st, 2010

    I’ve said the very same thing myself, and I think if you’ll ask around you’ll find that most folks would agree, that there are only a handful of people they can count on. That being said, I’m more grateful than I can say to have them in my life.

  2. real friends are hard to find….and when you do…it’s the best…Stay strong

  3. Thank you Nikki and Cheril for helping my blog and by commenting. I learn from each person. Much Love sent your way. Blessings to ALL.

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