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Story of a Lifetime Book: Holiday Gift Idea

For Your Family
Share your life story with your kids and grandkids. Record your answers to 500 questions from “What was your engagement proposal like?” to “What is a typical family meal?” This hardcover book is a great tool for self-reflection and can be passed on for generations to come.
Story of a Lifetime: $49.95 at

Day 3-Create Your Vision Board

    “MY MOTTO”                 I am a Master Barber


My Vision Board Created Sept © 2010 Jackie Paulson



I am a money magnet                


No More Animal Abuse!

Money comes to me I have enough money I am well organized at home and at work


To meet all my needs, wants and Desires with extra

To boot!

If It Ain’t a Harley it Ain’t a BIKE!

I am well organized at home and at work

                     B -days are a gift from God

I am a Christian


Birthdays are a Gift from GOD

I am a Writer!

I am wealthy!


Cats are My life!


I am addicted to the Internet


I love COKE! Coke Loves ME!


All my friends live on Facebook


Need I say More?

Flawless Skin, Perfect complexion






Peace On Earth, Everywhere

I love to Read!

My Cat Wiley                        My cat Dee



If you are clear on your vision and you pursue it relentlessly,

the universe will step in to give you a nudge forward.


I see Jesus and I see a Cross