Day 3-Create Your Vision Board

    “MY MOTTO”                 I am a Master Barber


My Vision Board Created Sept © 2010 Jackie Paulson



I am a money magnet                


No More Animal Abuse!

Money comes to me I have enough money I am well organized at home and at work


To meet all my needs, wants and Desires with extra

To boot!

If It Ain’t a Harley it Ain’t a BIKE!

I am well organized at home and at work

                     B -days are a gift from God

I am a Christian


Birthdays are a Gift from GOD

I am a Writer!

I am wealthy!


Cats are My life!


I am addicted to the Internet


I love COKE! Coke Loves ME!


All my friends live on Facebook


Need I say More?

Flawless Skin, Perfect complexion






Peace On Earth, Everywhere

I love to Read!

My Cat Wiley                        My cat Dee



If you are clear on your vision and you pursue it relentlessly,

the universe will step in to give you a nudge forward.


I see Jesus and I see a Cross













  1. I am a master manifestor!!

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