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Police arrive at scene to find it’s his son

Just imagine being a police officer who was the first to respond to a reported car accident; and the person inside of the car is trapped…to find it being your son, daughter, friend, or someone you KNOW. This happened to a police officer I know. When he arrived at the scene, the care was pinned against a utility pole with LIVE electrical wires on top of the car. When this happens, police have to call COMED to turn off the electric first, before helping the person trapped inside the car. As time passes and tension arises, the police had to stay calm, knowing that his son was the victim. Once the wires were removed (hours later), the injured man was taken to the hospital to be pronounced DEAD. The autopsy showed that he had hit his head on impact and could have lived. Although he died of a severe head injury as the final report; he also had a .21 BLOOD ALCOHOL LEVEL. In Illinois this is 2x the legal limit.
My first reaction is in awe as it is such a horrible thing to know somone in a car crash. My thoughts race as I wonder “WHAT HAPPENED” only to discover that Drinking alcohol while driving ws the CAUSE of the mans death. THen, I have to wonder how the Parents, family and friends must feel as they have to deal with the sudden loss that struck their lives.
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